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Rating False About this rating Origin Despite the multitudinous derisive references to the supposed quote that continue to be proffered even today, former U. The legend arose from critics and pundits who plucked a relatively credible statement Gore made during the course of an interview, altered its wording, and stripped it of context to make it seem a ridiculously self-serving falsehood. Gore, then the sitting Vice President, was seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. When asked to describe what distinguished him from his challenger for the Democratic presidential nomination, Senator Bill Bradley of New Jersey, Gore replied in part:

Al gore

This page contains a detailed critical analysis of the Gore campaign and e-mail correspondence between me and the Gore team urging Gore to not be stupid. I created Al gore first Gore web site. Gore ignored all my suggestions. For historical purposes, and for anyone who is writing books about the election, I offer this opinion and emails for the purpose of historical accuracy.

I also make the point that in the election, there were no good guys. That the fact that Bush stole the presidency doesn't make Gore the good guy.

This page contains information and language that will offend every reader no matter what side you are on. But, this is my web site, my web page, and I can say whatever the fuck I want. I'm a connoisseur of free speech and free expression and use language of color to make my points.

Son of Bush - Is he as big a loser as his father was?

Bush and Cocaine - Did Bush do Cocaine? Because I posted it so early, and because I'm damn good at indexing pages with search engines, my site was far more indexed and linked to than Al Gore's site was. In fact, in spite of my many notices, including my crudeness and obscenities people started thinking my site was Gore's site.

When Gore finally put up a web site, I linked to it. And a huge amount of traffic that went to Gore's site came from me. I don't want Gore back in I want a new Democrat, a Clinton Democrat, for the next election. I will support Hillary if she were to run. Or someone like Tom Daschel. Although I'm really hoping for Jesse Ventura.

But I definitely don't want Gore or Lieberman. If I'm stuck with them running against Bush, I will vote for them as the lesser of two evils. But as far as I'm concerned, Gore can stay out of public life permanently.

What changed you might ask? Clinton picked Gore in as his running mate. The Vice President isn't really elected, he's appointed.

Gore was basically a hired hand in the Clinton administration. I think he did a good job as Vice President, but he did a good job under the direction and supervision of President Clinton.

In it was Gore's turn to run.

Al gore

Not because he earned it, but because he was Clinton's Vice President.Sep 09,  · News about Al Gore. Commentary and archival information about Al Gore from The New York Times.

Al gore

Al Gore, the former vice president whose documentary film about global warming won an Academy Award this week, is defending his energy use after being slammed by a conservative group that claims. With the same humor and humanity he exuded in "An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore spells out 15 ways that individuals can address climate change immediately, from buying a hybrid to inventing a new, hotter brand name for global warming.

Al Gore Former Vice President Al Gore is co-founder and chairman of Generation Investment Management. He is a senior partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and a member of Apple, Inc.’s board of directors.

Al Gore was born on March 31, in Washington, District of Columbia, USA as Albert Arnold Gore Jr. He is an actor, known for An Inconvenient Truth (), An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power () and Futurama: Bender's Big Score ().

He has been married to Tipper Gore since May 19, They have four Mar 31, Claim: Vice-President Al Gore claimed during a news interview that he "invented" the

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