Bcs coursework

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Bcs coursework

Donald Good, William Flora, Aimee Govett Abstract The purpose of this study was to determine if there was a significant relationship between the academic achievement, disciplinary referrals, and attendance of at-risk students in rural Bedford County, TN, prior to and after participation in online coursework.

Bcs coursework

The independent variables were the academic achievement towards successful course completions, disciplinary referrals, and attendance rates of at-risk students.

A series of ttests and a chi-square analyses was performed to examine the differences in the mean course completion rates, discipline referrals, attendance rates, and postsecondary plans of graduates.

There was a significant difference in disciplinary referral rates and attendance rates prior to and after participation.

Bcs coursework

Based on these findings there was a positive impact on discipline rates and inversely a negative impact on the attendance rate.

Additionally, there was a negative impact on academic achievement rates prior to and after participation in online coursework in the BCS OLOT program. Also, the difference in the proportions of graduates continuing their education and other plans was significantly different from the responses given by all graduates in Tennessee.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations.Overview. BCS Requirements Engineering training course gives delegates a solid grounding in a range of techniques for revealing, analysing and documenting business and system requirements, in addition to gaining a BCS accreditation that is highly regarded by prestigious UK employers.

The BC Transfer Guide (for fulfilling prerequisites to the program such as English, although be aware that for other coursework BCS exempts but does not transfer i.e., "transferred" courses generally require replacement during the degree).

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Bachelor of Computer Science: BCS Course Details. Advertisements. Bachelor of Computer Science is an undergraduate course related to the software and hardware aspects of computers.

The duration of the course is 3 years. The emerging branch of computer science offers enormous advantage in abstraction and flexibility. BCS is a job-oriented course. Foundation certificate. This certificate provides an understanding of the principles of systems development and delivery with regard to life cycle approaches, architecture, business analysis, requirements engineering, systems analysis, design, development, testing and implementation.

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Ozarks Technical Community College programs, course catalog, and course descriptions. View a list of all available degree and certificate programs, along with information and descriptions for individual course .

(Be sure the coursework is novel to you, however, as we do check that applicants are not retaking courses to improve their GPA.) Please in no way take this rejection as an indication that you cannot succeed in computing.

Bachelor of Computer Science: BCS Course Details