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Fabriano paper

Fabriano Paper - a meeting and conclusions We have progress in matters related to Fabriano Paper! This will come as good news to all the botanical artists around the world who favour their watercolour paper as being the absolute best for their very precise and highly controlled botanical paintings in watercolour or coloured pencils.

My role was joint organiser and recorder of what happened. Overall the meeting was very positive and productive. Those who have been following matters related to the changes in specific Fabriano Watercolour Papers will have read my previous posts: Fabriano Paper The meeting with Fabriano The purpose of the meeting yesterday was to try and understand better why so many artists have been experiencing problems with the hot press papers Artistico and Classico produced by Fabriano Artistico.

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After pursuing the issue earlier in the year see abovethe Marketing Manager offered to meet up with artists who have been having problems. Clifford Burt, Manager of RK Burt and I organised the meeting so that both artists and Fabriano could explore the different perspectives on papermaking and the issues encountered by artists.

The effort I think was very worthwhile. The agenda for the day was as follows. The changes at Fabriano Giuseppe Prezioso then explained the Fabriano perspective and the place of the art papers within the total portfolio of the company the recent changes at Fabriano and the quality tests they run The company has a very wide portfolio of products and clients in terms of production and merchandising.

There are vast differences between the tonnage of art paper they produce and the tonnage of other types of paper. The key issue that artists need to understand - in terms of how long it will take to address the problem - is that productivity and profitability is affected by how long a paper run is.

For art papers which only produce a small tonnage in relative terms a paper run might only be done once a year. Fabriano want to try and identify the specific factors which are making a difference to the paper and the smoothness and quality of the surface and causing the issues identified by artists.

They also need to know which factors in terms of paper characteristics are most important to artists see below There are three cylinder mould machines which can make the fine art watercolour paper and the money paper they produce. However the differences in tonnage produced for the different types of paper is immense.

The cost of changing over from one to another are significant in terms of downtime and efficiency and means that the paper runs for art paper are basically done once every months.

Consequently it may take up to 18 months or so to get new paper into the retailers - assuming that Fabriano can test and identify what factors have changed the surface and performance of the paper.

They are doing a major test at the end of July. This test run will now be informed by: These are fine, silky, very short fibres which cling to the seeds of the cotton plant after ginning.

Fabriano decided to limit the colours they produce on the basis of the supplies which are most consistent. Burt Samples review and blind testing After lunch we started to look at issues to do with different types of paper. Artists showed Fabriano the problems they had experienced.

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Blind testing 14 different papers using watercolour or coloured pencils We then BLIND tested 14 different papers including Fabriano papers provided by RK Burt from different manufacturers which were only labelled with a letter.

The aim of this exercise was to try and identify: Plus ease of lay down, the use of erasers and various solvents to apply and remove coloured pencils.Events sponsored by the Center for the Book.

Author discussions, symposia and other events are an important part of the programming of the Center for the Book.

Fabriano paper

Events sponsored by the Center for the Book. Author discussions, symposia and other events are an important part of the programming of the Center for the Book.

Fabriano Studio Watercolor Pads are priced for students and beginners yet contain what feels like a professional-grade paper. Available in a variety of popular sizes and two weights, the paper in Fabriano Studio Watercolor Pads is ideal for a variety of media.

Jun 08,  · At Fabriano, in the region of the Marche, paper has been produced since at least the 13th century, and there is a wonderful museum called the “Museo della Carta e della Filigrana” or Paper and Watermark Museum.

Fabriano Watercolor paper is made of a mix of cotton and lignin free cellulose. It's acid free and archival. The paper has an internal and exter. This stunning paper delivers the purest bright white available without the use of optical brighteners or bleaches.

Fabriano's Artistico papers are mould-made of % cotton and are acid-free/pH neutral and chlorine-free.. Artistico is the only paper that offers a "soft press" sheet, a luxurious texture that falls between hot press and cold press.

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