Guidelines for test design and construction

Guidelines for Test Design and Construction Step 1: Defining the constructs you want to measure and outline the proposed content of the Test Aptitude tests for job applicants:

Guidelines for test design and construction

Guidelines for Preventing the Transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Health-Care Facilities, Acknowledgments Drafts of this document have been reviewed by leaders of numerous medical, scientific, public health, and labor organizations and others expert in tuberculosis, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, infection control, hospital epidemiology, microbiology, ventilation, industrial hygiene, nursing, dental practice, or emergency medical services.

We thank the many organizations and individuals for their thoughtful comments, suggestions, and assistance. Office of the Director Executive Summary This document updates and replaces all previously published guidelines for the prevention of Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission in health-care facilities.

The purpose of this revision is to emphasize the importance of a the hierarchy of control measures, including administrative and engineering controls and personal respiratory protection; b the use of risk assessments for developing a written tuberculosis TB control plan; c early identifi- cation and management of persons who have TB; d TB screening programs for health-care workers HCWs ; e HCW training and education; and f the evaluation of TB infection-control programs.

Transmission is most likely to occur from patients who have unrecognized pulmonary or laryngeal TB, are not on effective anti-TB therapy, and have not been placed in TB isolation.

Several recent TB outbreaks in health-care facilities, including outbreaks of multidrug- resistant TB, have heightened concern about nosocomial transmission.

Increases in the incidence of TB have been observed in some geographic areas; these increases are related partially to the high risk for TB among immunosuppressed persons, particularly those infected with human immunodeficiency virus HIV. Thus, health- care facilities should be particularly alert to the need for preventing transmission of M.

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Supervisory responsibility for the TB infection-control program should be assigned to a designated person or group of persons who should be given the authority to implement and enforce TB infection-control policies.

An effective TB infection-control program requires early identification, isolation, and treatment of persons who have active TB. The primary emphasis of TB infection-control plans in health-care facilities should be achieving these three goals by the application of a hierarchy of control measures, including a the use of administrative measures to reduce the risk for exposure to persons who have infectious TB, b the use of engineering controls to prevent the spread and reduce the concentration of infectious droplet nuclei, and c the use of personal respiratory protective equipment in areas where there is still a risk for exposure to M.

Implementation of a TB infection-control program requires risk assessment and development of a TB infection-control plan; early identification, treatment, and isolation of infectious TB patients; effective engineering controls; an appropriate respiratory protection program; HCW TB training, education, counseling, and screening; and evaluation of the program's effectiveness.

Although completely eliminating the risk for transmission of M.

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The plan called for the update and revision of the guidelines for preventing nosocomial transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis published December 7, 2. Public meetings were held in October and January to discuss revision of the TB Guidelines 2.

CDC received considerable input on various aspects of infection control, including health-care worker HCW education; administrative controls e. The purpose of this document is to make recommendations for reducing the risk for transmitting M.

These recommendations update and replace all previously published CDC recommendations for TB infection control in health-care facilities 2,4. The recommendations in this document are applicable primarily to inpatient facilities in which health care is provided e.

Recommendations applicable to ambulatory-care facilities, emergency departments, home-health-care settings, emergency medical services, medical offices, dental settings, and other facilities or residential settings that provide medical care are provided in separate sections, with cross-references to other sections of the guidelines if appropriate.

The extent of the TB infection-control program may range from a simple program emphasizing administrative controls in settings where there is minimal risk for exposure to M. In all settings, administrative measures should be used to minimize the number of HCWs exposed to M. HCWs providing care to patients who have TB should be informed about the level of risk for transmission of M.ISSUE - 5 Design & Installation Guidelines Page - 3 DESIGN AND INSTALLATION GUIDELINES General The IMO documents listed in the introduction of this document form the basis for both International and national.

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Guidelines for test design and construction

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