Health coach business plan

I'm here to help you find your direction as a coach, nail down your niche, sub-niche, message, launch like a pro, and start raking in serious cash. But do you know how to run a healthy business?

Health coach business plan

What you might not have really considered is that you are now also a business owner. I see many health coaches that feel completely overwhelmed about what to do to build their practice.

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When I started out as a health coach, I was a bit clueless, so I totally get it. We all start out as beginners right? I made it a goal to learn as much as I possibly could so I could implement the strategies that would have the biggest impact on my business.

What do you want to achieve? Why did you become a health coach? Take some time to set some goals for your business. When you know what your goals are, it makes it easier to make a plan to achieve them.

For a detailed post about goal setting, click here. How many clients do you need to achieve that income level? Could you achieve half of that amount with 1-on-1 coaching and half with online health coach business plan perhaps? Brainstorm, and see what you come up with.

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A successful business starts with planning. Other than your income goals, think about how you want to work. I did all of my coaching either via phone or online, and this allowed me the most flexibility with my schedule. Consider what would work best for you so you can fit your business into your life.

Take some time to write down your income goals for the next months, and what actions you will take to get there.

A Sample Life Coaching Business Plan Template

If you need ideas, keep reading. Know who it is that you want to help The more specific you can get on who you want to help, the better. There are thousands of health coaches out there, so think about what makes you different and unique. What makes you stand out? Work on defining who is your dream client, so you can market to them much more easily.

Let me give you an example so you can get an idea that may spark some brain storming. But, if you tell people you help busy working moms lose their baby weight and teach them how to prepare simple meals their family will love, people will understand exactly what you do.

What are you most passionate about as a health coach? What struggles have you been through? These are some ideas to get you started on figuring out a niche that you can help.

Business Overview

Have a Comprehensive Coaching Program in Place Let me ask you this — If you had a new client sign up with you today, would you feel ready to coach them, or would you be freaking out a little after you did your happy dance? You will feel more confident and ready when you know your coaching program is exactly what you and your clients need.

If you have a fantastic program all laid out and ready to go that you can also use for online coachingthen fantastic!

Get the Word Out Market Your business As a business owner, you have to let people know about you, and how you can help them. The wellness professionals that have successful businesses are consistently marketing their business to the right people.

A free offer on your website to grow your email list and stay in touch with your subscribers.

health coach business plan

Promote your free offer on a regular basis several times a week on your different social media platforms, and explore the option of using Facebook ads for promoting your free offer.

Sharing helpful hacks and information that your target audience would love maybe yummy recipes from time to time too is perfect. You also want to promote your free offer a few times each week, and then promote your paid programs or services from time to time.

Your goal with social media is to build the know, like, trust factor and then have them sign up on your email list so they can hear from you at least once a week. Get in front of the people you want to help — live workshops, networking, webinars, finding referral partners, joint ventures, etc.

Getting your articles in online publications like MindBodyGreen can be great too. Start a Youtube channel and create short videos minutes that your audience will find valuable.

health coach business plan

Post your awesome videos on social media and occasionally share your videos with your email subscribers. People will feel like they know you when they see you on video. Be sue to include a call to action for a free offer you have, or other action you want them to take.Plan to pay between $50 and $ a session, and expect to spend at least three months with a coach before seeing meaningful progress, which is .

Sample Life Coach Business Plan. Sample Business Coach Business Plan. See what a Business Plan looks like with the sections and content included in each sample plan. 2. 6-Day E-Course. 6-day E-Course to help you write your plan – this course contains all the knowledge I have gained over the years and will help you pinpoint successful tactics.

Starting a Health Coach Business You first need to select the Health Coach from home service business structure among a sole proprietor, a partnership, Corporation or LLC. A Sample Life Coaching Business Plan Template Industry Overview In the early days of human civilization, especially the period when they were very few formal schools, personal training has been in .

Starting a Health Coaching Business Our guide on starting a health coaching business covers all the essential information to help you decide if this business is a good match for you. Learn about the day-to-day activities of a health coaching business owner, the typical target market, growth potential, startup costs, legal considerations, and more!

As a self-employed Health Coach, writing a business plan will give you a huge advantage in the health, wellness and fitness industries. It will enable you to project achievable goals and milestones and you will be able to assess where your potential bumps may arise.

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