It302 unit3 human computer interaction doc

These subheadings should be: 1.

It302 unit3 human computer interaction doc

ItUnit3-Human Computer Interaction. Doc Topics: Waterfall model, Winston W. I have elected to compare the Waterfall model and Spiral Model. The Waterfall model is credited to Winston W.

Royce in an article he published inalthough he did not refer to it as "Waterfall" in the commentary Royce The Waterfall model is comprised of series of steps which include: gathering requirements; analysis; design; coding; testing and debugging; and acceptance.

It is designed to be a simple one way process where one step must be completed and fully reviewed before the next can be undertaken. In this model the phases do not overlap and movement is from one phase to the following, with no opportunity to reverse the movement back to the previous stage.

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Due to the compartmentalization, it is easier to set schedules and track implementation. As the name suggests the spiral model is a design which provides flexibility to the model design and implementation.

As the shape implies there is always a way to go back. While most of the documentation and fundaments are derived from the waterfall model, the major distinguishing feature of the For the dashboard that I anticipated is required to meet the needs of the task that I discussed in Unit 3, I believe that the best approaches are either a Semantic Network or the use of Scenarios, Flowcharts and Cognitive walkthroughs, and more specifically Scenarios.


Although this may be the most productive approach, it is likely that in the process of creating the dashboard that parts of a number of the conceptual designs could contribute to the finished product. While the Semantic Network is comprised of elements that would be useful and productive, particularly by providing ease in exploring the problem space and graphical views, it does not offer us all the information that would be constructive.

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To accomplish that, I believe the use of Scenarios, Flowcharts and Cognitive walkthroughs would provide us with the most useful means to develop a dashboard adequate to provide the functionality we are seeking. Of these, the use of Scenarios would provide the easiest means to develop a dashboard with the desired functionality initially along with the ability to modify easily as required to accomplish what is needed.

By creating scenarios and including them in the early development of the dashboard we will provide ourselves with a means to develop a versatile form that can be easily amended as needed to provide a finished console thatIT - Unit 5 Discussion Topic 1 - This Discussion The  In your first paragraph, identify your choice of website (provide the URL) or application, and identify the grouping method (s) it employs.

 In your second paragraph, explain why the grouping used is or is 92%(12).

It302 unit3 human computer interaction doc

IT Unit3 Lewis Todd Essay. Unit 3 Assigment: Football Stats Todd Lewis Kaplan University Online It Human Computer Interaction Professor David Lecomte August 17, Assignment Template Unit 3 Football Season Stats Todd Lewis Part1: Project Definition The idea of the project is to create a Post Week stat calculator based on the previous weeks of a players stats in the NFL.

It302 unit3 human computer interaction doc

ITUnit6B-. Kaplan University. As a consumer when we use a kiosk for a transaction, we expect it to provide us with a level of service or actions at least on a par with a proficient sales person or staff. Here is the best resource for homework help with IT Human Computer Interaction at Kaplan University.

Find IT study guides, notes, and practice tests. StevenBarnhart-ITUnit3-Assignment Kaplan University Human Computer Interaction doc attached IT course; Back to Department. Related feelthefish.comon: Lincoln Nebraska United States. ITUnit8-Kaplan University Part1: Introduction.

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The approach I used in unit 5 was a generic design which is flexible in nature with a basic layout planned so it can be easily molded, or modified to fulfill a variety of needs or applications. View Notes - Human Computer InteractionUnit3Assignment from IT at Kaplan University. Interaction Design Models Kaplan University IT Human Computer Interaction November 26th, Interaction.

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