Lic housing finance research reports

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Lic housing finance research reports

LIC Housing Finance Ltd ( Analyst Research|

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The Applicant must have performed claimed work experience for a business purpose mock appraisal experience is ineligible.

The Applicant may also gain work experience through case studies and practicum courses that are approved by the AQB Course Approval Program. To be acceptable for experience credit the applicant must be either: A signing appraiser; or Identified by name and BREA license number, if licensed with the extent of the real property appraisal assistance clearly and conspicuously described in the report.

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Licensing Handbook

Not be a review of an applicant's own appraisal. Require the review appraiser to form an opinion as to whether the analyses, opinions and conclusions in the appraisal report under review are appropriate and reasonable, as opposed to work performed by clients and users of appraisal services as a due diligence function in the context of making a business decision, such as underwriting, buying or selling.

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Lic housing finance research reports

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