Making an informed decision about voting in a presidential election

What is Voter Registration? Voter Registration is the process of recording details such as names, age, fingerprints, address and photographs of people eligible to vote.

Making an informed decision about voting in a presidential election

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We develop this cognitive schema over time through socialization about the world around us, which helps us manage our cognitive budget in terms of how much mental effort to invest in response to an external stimulus such as a campaign message.

These evaluation criteria could help us establish a latitude of acceptance, rejection, or non-commitment. Low-involvement voters tend to process more superficial peripheral cues such as emotional appeals, slogans, personality, and image of a political candidate without investing the mental effort necessary to better understand the arguments or policies presented by the candidate.

Potential voters attracted to Republican candidate Donald J.

Election Making an Informed Decision This message was brought to you by this newspaper’s Newspaper in Education anything concerning the election? Voting in an election is a great responsibility. Registered voters will soon be selecting people to where presidential candidates stand dozens of issues. Cartoons for the . Whatever your thoughts on the election or the Presidential candidates, the best voter is an educated voter—and it’s important to remember there’s more at stake than just the White House. These tools will help you find out what, and make the best decision in . Start studying PLS Chapter Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. _____ voting occurs when people base their voting decisions on well-informed opinions and consideration of the future consequences of their votes. the vote in the previous presidential election.

In looking back at the primary elections and the campaigns of the two resulting candidates, it is clear that an inoculation strategy at the beginning of the long election campaign cycle would help provide a basis for fending off future attacks from political opponents as well as tempering potential media scrutiny.

For Trump, this inoculation strategy seems to have occurred organically, as he uttered provocative rhetoric from the outset to draw attention to himself.

In the case of Clinton, there was no inoculation strategy. Instead, we see numerous allegations of misconduct that surface throughout the campaign, as media have been extremely aggressive in vetting her by reporting even potentially false ethical violations to keep the public engaged.

These allegations are topics of discussion in the media and among Clinton critics on a daily basis, which have created a cumulative effect of public distrust in her character, truthfulness, and transparency. As a result, her campaign has been playing defense ever since.

This strategy might have reinforced the beliefs and attitudes of Clinton supporters about Trump, it does not influence Trump supporters and is mostly ineffective in persuading the uncommitted voters to support Clinton.

Making an informed decision about voting in a presidential election

In essence, the media and the public have applied a conventional standard to judge her candidacy. This cognitive budget is much larger than that of their low-involvement counterparts.

Her research and teaching focus on the content, uses, and effects of digital, risk, crisis, marketing, media, and cross-cultural communication on individuals, communities, and society.Typically the presidential candidate who raises more Guide to Informed Voting 5 | P a g e ADP/TDC Recommendations: In order to stay informed, ADP and TDC encourage you to take the following actions during the upcoming election when making your voting decisions.

4 Ways to Be a Better Voter. Get informed and make better choices—or maybe you shouldn’t vote at all have always been a part of presidential races.

Consider the election of , when the. Media caption Australia discuss whether mandatory voting would work in the US. After a long campaign, it's less than two weeks before millions of Americans cast their votes.

But turnout could be. The French presidential election was held on 23 April and 7 May As no candidate won a majority in the first round on 23 April, a run-off was held between the top two candidates, Emmanuel Macron of En Marche! and Marine Le Pen of the National Front (FN), which Macron won by a decisive margin on 7 May.

The presidential election was followed by legislative elections to elect members of. Making an Informed Decision Ballotpedia "To learn more about a candidate's views on running, key states visited, fundraisers attended and campaign issues, click on the person's name." See also their menu links for these .

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ON THE ELECTORAL PROCESS. A. INEC OFFICIALS/FUNCTIONS OF INEC 1.Q. What do the letters “INEC” stand for? feelthefish.comndent National Electoral Commission.

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