Menton bank case study

Estimates of natural resource harvests often inform rural conservation and development strategies.

Menton bank case study

This is the first of a two-part story exploring the experiences of Columbia-Sciences Po dual B. Read Part 2 here.

Menton bank case study

It started with a flyer in the mail. During Menton bank case study senior year of high school, Wan Yii Lee received many of these. She sometimes thought about how excessive it was for American schools to send these little pieces of paper all the way to Singapore. But this flyer was different.

It was from the Columbia—Sciences Po dual B.

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That might have put some people off, but it intrigued Lee. It was kind of like a bet. Program between Columbia University and Sciences Po offers a global undergraduate educational experience—a program with an international character not only in its academic coursework but also in its practical application.

I spent the months between my senior year of high school and my arrival at Columbia reading Bwog articles on the relative value of living in John Jay or Carman and Spectator articles about Emma Sulkowicz and WikiCU pages on everything from Low Library to St.

I had access to an extensive student record that described this school, its students, and what my experience would be like.

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When I told people I was coming here, they knew what I meant. I knew what I meant. And as a student entering the program, you barely know yourself. From Pilot to Program The dual B. Only five students graduated in the pilot class in Sciences Po already runs several dual B. Partnering with Columbia, then, fit neatly within the existing structure of their curriculum.

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Sciences Po mandates that all its students study abroad in their third year. In its first iteration, the program worked a little differently to the way it does today; instead of applying to the dual B. Eventually, the pilot program became a full-on, official dual B.

The 27 members of the dual B. The application process is nearly the same as the one I went through as a Columbia College applicant, though it is run through a dual B. You write a two essays: Le Havre, Menton, and Reims. Reims is the largest of the three towns atinhabitants, followed by Le Havre at , and finally Menton with only 28, people.

The campuses themselves are even smaller. Paris is an exception, with 3, students, but Reims has 1, students, while Le Havre and Menton both have She was also interested in improving her French and getting to experience both a focused social sciences education and a liberal arts one.

For students who already have a connection to France, this educational pairing is more conventional. He already knew what to expect, spoke the language, and knew that Sciences Po was, like Columbia, a respected institution.

He is now a junior at General Studies. Especially for students whose education or family life has already combined French and American influences, a program that continues that educational mix is an obvious choice.

Instead of being intrigued, though, she was delighted. But the program is more than just a French-English combination. Every student at the Menton campus learns Arabic. Diego Filiu, who graduated the dual B. For him, the dual B. But as the partnership between these two countries seems like the best of both worlds, Columbia is a fundamentally American institution, just as Sciences Po is a fundamentally French one.

The academics are distinct, and the student life is different, too. Though Lee had never met him before, she ended up staying with another dual B.

She stayed there for the next five days as she looked for a place of her own.The case study presented here contributes to this literature by describing a contrast between frugal rural domestic use and a booming urban commercial charcoal market in Peru's capital of Lima.

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