Msc thesis in engineering geology

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Msc thesis in engineering geology

Msc thesis in engineering geology

MSc Students in Zurich Jamyang Chophel Landslide Detection and characterization in Bhutan from seismological and remote sensing data Rock slope failures, soil slides and debris flows very rapid and extremely rapid landslides constitute a significant natural hazard in Bhutan.

Earth and debris slides and flows commonly occur after the high precipitations of the Summer Monsoon, between May and September each year.

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All types of landslides are also known to be triggered by local and regional earthquakes. Landslides may also block rivers creating temporary lakes with the added hazard of outburst flood.

Landslides in most countries are usually reported by the population upon direct observation. However no information is available in areas of the world that are more scarcely inhabited.

In this master thesis a combined approach is proposed to 1 detect landslides using seismic noise, 2 compare the results with remote sensing and local data ground truthingand 3 provide and discuss the characteristics of the observed landslides.

Many of these sites are currently under periodical monitoring.

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Several instabilities are located in the vicinity of human settlements, and their possible catastrophic failure would potentially produce large destruction.

Large rockslide deposits have been mapped inside the fjord and in the lower part of the slopes below the currently unstable rock masses.

The municipality, the county and institutions on the governmental level are concerned about the stability conditions, and especially the possibility of a major slope collapse with large consequences.Geology and supporting courses are selected under advisement through the department chair and the chair of the thesis committee.

Decisions about those courses should be made as soon as possible in the student’s graduate career.

Msc thesis in engineering geology

The Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at UBC, one of the largest geoscience groups in Canada is composed of over 40 full-time faculty, a staff complement of 30, a total of 40 research associates and postdoctoral fellows.

Students on the Petroleum Engineering course come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including directly from undergraduate degrees such as chemical, mechanical, mining and petroleum engineering as well as geology and applied chemistry.

1. Master of Science Degree in Geology at Cal Poly Pomona **We invite applications for admission to Spring semester , or Fall semester Application deadlines are October 15, , and April 1, , respectively. Early application is encouraged for priority consideration.

PDF Integrated degree of PhD and MSc (Exploration Geophysics) INTEGRATED DEGREE OF PhD AND MSc (EXPLORATION GEOPHYSICS) at 50% or more in each and every module undertaken, and of these credits must be at Department of Petroleum Engineering and Applied Geophysics. PhD Theses Mosayeb Shams, Modelling two-phase flow at the micro-scale using a volume-of-fluid method, PhD thesis, July Hasan A.

Nourdeen, Upscaling Immiscible Capillary-Controlled Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media, PhD thesis, June

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