Orchestra star wars essay

Episode I The Phantom Menace is the first part of a much larger saga, which will ultimately include six episodes.

Orchestra star wars essay

Fabulous Locations - Atomic Rockets

Perhaps the most important returning member of the team that created the original Star Wars movie, though, is composer John Williams. The familiarity and resonance of the score has grown with each new installment of the series—which currently comprises six films, plus near-infinite ancillary products including video games, TV shows, and radio dramas—and Williams has continued to develop new themes for the expanding cast of characters having adventures a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Orchestra star wars essay

Below, the music mentioned in this feature appears as a Spotify playlist—which you can also access here. In his mids, Williams was already an experienced film composer. In fact, it was precisely in the nature of his assignment that he produce a score harking back to the swashbuckling classics Lucas grew up with.

The idea Williams is best-known for copping from Wagner—via many other opera and film composers—is the device of the leitmotif: Whether or not Williams was explicitly thinking about a dying swan as he penned this elegiac music, he was certainly going for that feeling that a curtain of stars?

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The Planets has been mined for any number of sci-fi spectaculars, and Mars in particular has been a favorite of film composers including Williams, whose stormtroopers march to a distinctly Martian beat. Kings Row, ironically, is a hard-edged drama about dark secrets in a small town.

One of its stars was none other than Ronald Reagan, who would go on as President to appropriate the terms "Star Wars" for his proposed missile defense system and "evil empire" for the Soviet Union. Sing a song of Sith Believe it or not, when it came time to score the Star Wars prequels, there was one classical monster hit that just about every film composer except for Williams had plundered.

An original alchemy Though Williams owes debts to all these composers—and many more—every composer stands on the shoulders of giants.As a life-long fan of Williams' film music, I have only recently discovered his more "serious" pieces.

Like many versatile composers before him (think Korngold, Waxman, etc.), Williams is able to function in both worlds, writing rousing, effective scores and introspective, yet extremely dynamic works for concerto and orchestra.

David Anholzer 6/10 Willis Essay In the movie “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” music is used to enhance the mood of the film. All of the scenes in the movie had . Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

The Lost Spaceship

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Orchestra star wars essay

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