Photo essay prostitution

Now regarded as 21st century slavery by Argentine civil society, human trafficking is not new to the country: Argentina was, in fact, one of the first countries to pass a law against it in the early 20th century.

Photo essay prostitution

Photo essay shows human trafficking in Italy THESE women go to Europe expecting to work as nannies to send money back to their families. Their dreams of freedom quickly collapse into a nightmare of prostitution and abuse. Michael Harsanyi, Austral Press news.

Curiosity piqued, Perlino delved into what has become a long-term picture essay on the shocking reality women trafficked to Italy from Nigeria face.

Austral International Press Agency The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime have declared Nigeria among the top eight countries with the highest human trafficking rates in the world.

Photo essay prostitution

These women come to Europe under the pretence that they will be working as nannies or work in factories, with the hope they can send money back to their families.

However, most of their dreams of freedom quickly collapse into a nightmare of prostitution and abuse. This photo shows a woman waiting for a client in the summer season. Austral International Press Agency Traffickers demand on average more than 50, euros for travel expenses and accommodation, with the women having to work as prostitutes until their debts are paid off.

Fatima shows the scars on her body due to strong fighting with Nigerian colleagues working as prostitutes in the outskirts of Acerra. Austral International Press Agency Perlino explains: Even though their lives are really tough, they still manage to see the beauty you can find in it.

Austral International Press Agency Highlights of the poignant photo series, titled Pipeline, show the women waiting on derelict streets for customers, and others who have been caught by the police without a passport, remain in detention centres while the authorities decide their fate.

She met an Italian man who is now her husband, and once she had almost cleared her debts they got married. She now lives with him and their child just outside of Turin. Faith at home with her daughter Stefania. Faith told Perlino many things about Nigerian habits, she said that Nigerian men change once in Italy.

They expect women to sell their bodies in order to provide money. To pick their brides up, to get married men go back to Nigeria. But Italian men often fall in love with Nigerian women, they arrive to sell their houses, to help their women to pay the debt back: Faith, a former victim of trafficking, visits her Nigerian friend Stella and her children.

Austral International Press Agency Faith went on to tell Perlino that the key to understanding Nigerian trafficking is always the maman in charge of the direct exploitation, connected to a wide network of people.

She is always a part of the community you live in. She is in charge of the debt you need to pay before to get released. A Nigerian woman in a temporary detention centre.

Austral International Press Agency Perlino says that throughout her project she saw a mix of violence and desolation, but also bravery, pride and strength which really touched her. The contradiction of the hard conditions they face, but also the fragments of normality for women that are only twenty years old.

Austral International Press Agency Palermo explains that she did not take the photographs in order to make a moral statement about prostitution. I was not there to judge their lives. Austral International Press Agency Joy and friend on their way back home from the countryside working area.

Austral International Press Agency trending in lifestyle.The Guardian - Back to home. The future of sex work – a photo essay.

30 Apr Prostitution is not a job. The inside of a woman’s body is not a workplace. AN ANORAK photo essay: life on La Linea, a Guatemala Prostitution Strip.

Photographer Alexandre Meneghini looks at the women in the rented love rooms: Prostitutes buy fresh goat milk while waiting for clients outside their rented rooms on a street called in Spanish “La Linea,” or “The Strip,” where dozens of women work as prostitutes in.

Jul 28,  · Prostitution has always existed and will likely always exist. Despite a societal emphasis on monogamy or polygyny, and despite the criminalization of the .

Human Trafficking Photo Essay by Alex Kanter, featuring articles about Child Abuse, Abortion, Human Rights. Photo Essay: Sosua Beach, Dominican Republic. Last year, when I was in Mexico, I discovered a new world.

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A mysterious and colorful world, hidden from every day sight. By Robin Dianoux. 6, This statistic, according to the Argentine Bureau for the Rescue and Accompaniment of Trafficking Victims, represents the number of people that the six-year-old government agency has “saved” as of April 31,

Photo essay: Argentine agency takes on human trafficking networks – FSRN