Tradition is an obstacle to progress

This is true for many aspects of life and business but is a big contributor in slowing genetic progress in the Beef Industry. He went on to explain how stockmen had been selecting Angus cows for hundreds of years, why did they need to change? Generations of cattle breeding and showing in a relatively small pocket of land in Scotland and later England had produced some magnificent Angus females bred along maternal lines.

Tradition is an obstacle to progress

During the struggle for independence since all people had united ireespective of their religion the british left india RE: Traditions are an obstacle to progress -mounika. But this does not project that the traditions he follows or believes can obstruct his way to his progress in life.

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Life is an another name of balance. One can achieve anything, one wants to have, even by following the traditions. But one should have the guts to have a desired change in the traditions,if they seems to obstruct the way of progress.

Change is the part of life,and positive change is always welcomed. One can not justify himself to be traditional if one believes in superstitions.

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But superstitions are not anyway accepted. So i must say that not traditions,but superstitions are the obstacles in progress! Traditions are the rituals followed in the society since older days that have a justified explanation. If we can understand the true meanings of the traditions, then they might not seem to be an obstacle.

Thinking makes the things good or bad. In case we find the same tradition having a justified reason to be followed, we will boldly demonstrate the same in front of the world.

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Then the same tradition which seemed to be an obstacle to the progress will find a meaningful journey to travel around the globe. It is a normal human tendency to portray our brilliance and expertise with a very confident outlook; conversely, we try to hush up our inefficiency with a sheepish smile and terming the same as an obstacle to our progress.

Thus, to be factual, traditions do carry much relevance in practical world, which need to be explored, accepted and understood.Many translated example sentences containing "obstacle to progress" – Italian-English dictionary and search engine for Italian translations. Start studying Chapter 1.

Tradition is an obstacle to progress

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. deaths have fallen substantially and the number of overweight people has declined based on evaluation of the nation's progress toward achieving national health objectives.

The most difficult obstacle to changing behavior is: a. Sinn Fein Gaelic obsession an obstacle to Brexit progress.

Tradition is an obstacle to progress

John Spain equal status must also be given to the Ulster Scots language and customs that are part of the unionist tradition. YOU will accomplish more through others than you will ever achieve alone.

And that is possible if you opt for change rather than follow tradition. In the Buddhist tradition, the five hindrances (Sanskrit: पञ्च निवरण pañca nivāraṇa; Pali: पञ्च नीवरणानि pañca nīvaraṇāni) are identified as mental factors that hinder progress in meditation and in our daily lives.

In the Theravada tradition, these factors are identified specifically as obstacles to the jhānas (stages of concentration) within. Progress or Tradition The battle over property use in the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood.

Amber Stearns; Feb 18, Then another obstacle brought everything to a stop.

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