Using slang in college essay

The objective of a good writer should be to express ideas clearly; each paragraph must be readily understood. This means that you need to overlook the specific grammatical form, language, pretty much the correlation between the ideas and expression forms. Facts Believe it or not, the respective presented ideas may lose courage and strength, especially if the verbal expression is poor. Moreover, if your essay is full of slang, the text has some ideas that do not match with others, plus if the spelling is wrong, the outcome will not be good.

Using slang in college essay

Flop - To sleep or a place to sleep. To prone the body. Flop house 1 - A cheap lodging house or any hobo hotel. Flop house 2 - American slang for a cheap lodging house, especially one used by tramps.

Flop house 3 - A cheap transient hotel where a lot of men sleep in large rooms. Flunkey - Camp waiter. A woman is a hasher. Fly-away - A deserter from the army or navy. Foot board - The metal catwalk on locomotives and freight cars provided for walking, standing on and riding along with equipment.

Forty-fives - Monicker for navy beans, givers of energy. A small blinking red light on the back of the last car of a train.

Freeloader - A hobo. Free lance passenger - Hoboes or train riders. Free Mileage Fraternity - These are Brethren and Sisters of the Road, who often practice blackmailing tactics and confidences often practiced only by man hoboes.

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Freight, freights - A freight train. Freight Train Riders of America F. The colors of the bandannas reflect three distinct F. Those who wear red mainly ride the rails across the Southern U.

Blue means they stick to the old Frisco line across the country's midsection, and black belongs to riders of the so-called high line that runs from the Twin Cities to the state of Washington.

Using slang in college essay

The black-bandana-clad high-liners, are the most violence-prone of the FTRA. A faction known as the Death Squad, enforces the gang's agenda, which ranges from acquiring extra ID to taking revenge on squealers.

Frisco circle - When a circle of hobos throw money in a pile and use the money to buy as much communal booze as possible. The old hobos used to make a ceremony of collecting money for the communal pot of stew by throwing it into a circle, which became known as the Frisco Circle, or just the Frisco.

Frisk or shakedown - To search. It usually means search by the police. But train crews also go through the hobos.

Fruit tramps - A migratory itinerant who usually follows seasonal harvests by freight train.

Using slang in college essay

Frog or frog eater - A Frenchman. A Canadian Frenchman is a pea soup.More Often Mispelled Misspelled Words in English. American and British Spelling of Words. Check Spelling of a Word. One of the newest editions to the dictionary of slang can be heard walking down the hall of any school, college, or university.

[tags: essays research papers] Free Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. By using slang and incorrect word usage with Mama and proper, almost eloquent English with Dee, Walker is able to paint the perfect. In the United States, "redskin" is regarded as a racial epithet by some, but as neutral by others, including some Native Americans.

The American Heritage style guide advises that "the term redskin evokes an even more objectionable stereotype" than the use of red as a racial adjective by outsiders, while others urge writers to use the term only in a historical context. a. To acquire as a result of action or effort: He got his information from the internet.

You can't get water out of a stone. Aug 17,  · Fewer than half of the nation's high school graduates who took the SAT college admissions test were deemed ready for college-level writing.

Slang is common among students, and unfortunately it has moved from online communication to student assignments. According to a study involving around students between the ages of 12 to 17, 85% of them are actively using at least one form of electronic communication, whether through instant messaging, text messaging, or social media.

Using Slang Words - The Terms You Should Avoid In Your Research Paper