Write an obituary for themba and albert

She was then the director of research at the Centre and had been in Mozambique for three years. No one seriously doubts that she was murdered by agents of the South African security police. They chose their victim well:

Write an obituary for themba and albert

His play "Liliom" was later adapted by Rodgers and Hammerstein into the musical "Carousel".

Both his plays "The Guardsman" and "The Swan" were later made into films the latter being Grace Kelly's final appearance on the silver screenwhile "The Play at the Castle" was adapted by P. Posted by Andrew Cusack at Ian Douglas Smith, who died on November 20 the same day as Francowas born on April 8, in the farming and mining town of Selukwe, Rhodesia.

The youngest of three children, his father was a Scottish butcher who moved to Rhodesia and became a cattle rancher and horse breeder.

Commissioned a Lieutenant in Rhodesia Squadron, a crash in North Africa in injured him so gravely that his face had to be reconstructed, giving him a very fixed look on one side of his face.

In Julyhe was shot down over Italy and evaded capture, linking up with Italian partisan guerrillas and eventually escaping to England to rejoin the RAF. He returned to Rhodesia after the war, and in married Janet Watt, a widow with two children, Robert and Jean, with their own son Alex born a year later.

InSmith also ran in the general election for the Legislative Assembly as a candidate for the Liberal Party a party that was, as Lord Blake wrote in his History of Rhodesia, "in accordance with the Rhodesian tradition of adopting the most misleading political nomenclature possible".

I was twenty-nine years old. It so happened that in my little home town of Selukwe, which is a big mining camp, there were people who said 'Look, surely you don't expect us to vote for this chap Ian Smith.

We remember him when he was in junior school here! And now you're asking me to accept him as my Member of Parliament? What's your case now? The British government was unwilling to grant Rhodesia dominion status unless a system of one-man, one-vote was instituted, a prospect considered anathema to Rhodesia's property-based electorate.

write an obituary for themba and albert

Smith led Rhodesia as Prime Minister for the next fifteen years, continuing the battle against the Communist terrorists whose ferocity only grew with each passing year. The economic sanctions leveled against Rhodesia by the United Nations had the reverse effect of encouraging internal investment and sparking a boom in the Rhodesian economy.

The sanctions-busting smuggling of oil was the most difficult aspect of sanctions economically.


For over ten years Rhodesia prospered, but towards the end of the s, things began to change. Furthermore, South African Prime Minister John Vorster started a policy of engagement with that country's independent black-ruled neighbors in contrast to the previous policy of isolation.

Wooing these countries, however, meant giving the cold shoulder to Rhodesia, and South African economic help trailed off. Smith soon saw that the only way to prevent Rhodesia falling into the hands of the Communists was to compromise with the country's non-violent Black moderates, chief among them Methodist Bishop Abel Muzorewa.

An agreement was worked out whereby power, once held by the overwhelmingly but not completely white property-qualified electorate, would now be shared by white and black Rhodesians alike. There would be an Assembly of members: A Senate would exist as an upper house: Inunder the new settlement, a general election was held which international observers had confirmed as free and fair.

Bishop Muzorewa and his moderate nationalist UANC party gained a majority of seats in the Assembly and so formed the government. Muzorewa became Prime Minister, and changed the name of the country to Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.

Out of respect for the old leader and to include whites in the new government, Ian Smith was included in the Cabinet, though only as a Minister-without-portfolio. The war against the Communists continued, albeit now under black leadership, but remarkably the international community refused to accept the compromise settlement and declined to recognize the new Republic of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.

Neither sanctions nor the oil embargo were lifted and thus the country still suffered an energy crisis. The British government under Thatcher forced Muzorewa to the bargaining table. It was agreed that Zimbabwe-Rhodesia would revert to its previous role as a British colony while elections could be held which were not restricted to non-violent parties.

In exchange for being allowed to participate in these elections, the Patriotic Front agreed to abide by a cease-fire agreement, to renounce the use of force for political ends, to campaign peacefully and without intimidation, and to accept the outcome of the election.

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The black moderates and whites were assured that, should any party violate these strictures the Governor was bound to forbid them from standing in the elections.

Predictably, Mugabe's guerrillas did not abide by a cease-fire, but engaged upon an active campaign of violent intimidation of the electorate.

The British turned a blind eye, hoping to hold the elections and then "get out of Dodge" as soon as possible, handing over power to the victor.

Mugabe was declared the victor by a landslide and the rest is history. I will always remember having his picture on my wall during my university days.

write an obituary for themba and albert

He steered Rhodesia clear of both the stagnant racialist waters of South African-style apartheid as well as the destructive materialist waters of Communism and embraced a common-sense approach the chief aim of which was the preservation and advancement of peace and prosperity for the greatest number of Rhodesians.Albert marries the woman of his dreams and risks his life in the war, with hopes of making a better life for her and their children.

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Albert G.T.K.

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